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Thursday, August 12th  
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Pictureless Post
I wanted to test if I could make a post without any pictures. It would seem the answer is no. I guess if I want just write an entry I'll have to post some generic 'no picture' picture, or just dredge up some random photo as I did for this post.

This is my darling RolyPolyPony. I guess I should explain the names I'm using. For some reason, I thought it would be best to use a pseudonym rather than my real name. I don't why, being as I have my real photos up here, but whatever. Anyway, my wife keeps her blog on LiveJournal, where she uses the name RolyPolyPony. To keep my anonmity, she dubbed me DH (for Dear Husband). So that's where that all comes from.

So you're probably wondering, why didn't I just get a LiveJournal account like everyone else? (I swear, everyone I know has an LJ account!) Well, first of all, I like my bits where I can see them. This site is run on a server in my basement, so I can run whatever software I want on it and have pretty much unlimited storage (about 200 GB).

Also, I've thought long and hard about keeping any kind of blog at all. My concern has been that if I have a blog, I'll feel the need to come up with clever things to write about. And if I don't have something clever to say, I'm more likely to just skip posting that day, which would lead to a pretty sparse blog.

Then I came across the idea of a photoblog. Fact is, I have hundreds of photos sitting on my hard drive and nothing to do with them. Having a real place to post them was appealing. Also, it'll give me something to write about. A little context for my posts I thought would help get the ball rolling.

Finally, once I run out of old photos to share, it'll give me an added incentive to take the camera with me places and get new photos. See, everything it's cyclical. Like a merry-go-round: it goes up and down, and around. Sorry, I was watching Happy Gilmore the other day.
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