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Thursday, August 12th  
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Lunchtime Meta-Game
OK, this should be the last post about this stuff today. Given the frequent absences, and the hope of other folks having interest (we even had another spectator at session #3), I thought it might be nice to come up with some system that handles a fairly irregular player base. Here's what I came up with, and emailed out to everyone in the office:

As many of you have noticed, a few of us have started playing an old school D&D game (using the Moldvay Basic edition, c. 1981) during the odd lunch hour. I am now officially opening this game up to anyone that wants to play. It's very casual, no commitment, anyone can drop in and out of the game as they please. I will run a session any day there is enough interest (3-6 players) and I don't have any other conflicting plans. It will be up to the players, however, to drive this scheduling. Players are therefore encouraged to plan ahead, both in terms of in-game goals and out-of-game scheduling. The current group of players is attempting to play regularly on Tuesdays, but there seem to be enough absentees that they could always use a little extra help.

The setting and a few rules of play have been formulated around supporting this style of scheduling and fluctuating player base, and follow at the end of this email. Anyone interested should see me, and I will provide you with a character creation booklet that will walk you through character creation without the need of any other material or books, except for a few dice (which I can also lend you). You might also want to talk to some of the current players to find out what they've already discovered in the game.

Setting: The Roads of Emoria

Many centuries ago the land was dominated by the mighty Empire of Emoria. Highly organized and skilled in the craft of sorcery as well as many traditional crafts, the Emorians built a mighty empire filled with various public works including most notably an intricate system of roads. The Roads of Emoria are all that remains of this once-great empire, which vanished centuries ago for mysterious reasons, though rumors abound of lost cities and crumbling ruins in the uncharted portions of the map. These roads are still used today, and retain some if their innate enchantments which seem to ward off the horrors that lurk in the darkness beyond.

New Kingdoms have risen, with castles and towns forming along these ancient roadways. The roads, where they are maintained, enable trade and travel between lands that would otherwise be impossible. Some roads though lead out into the mysterious wilderness, and it unknown just how far they extend and whether their enchantments have withstood the passage of time.

The brave and the curious travel the roads, seeking out ancient unexplored regions and the riches supposed to be left behind in the lost civilizations of Emoria. Some return with great wealth and stories of amazing adventure, but far more never return at all.


  1. Each session will begin and end either at a civilization along one of the roads, or on the side of a road. If the players cannot make it back to a road at the end of a session, the DM will roll on the dreaded Tables of Calamity to see what becomes of the characters as they race to find a way back to civilization.

  2. The time between each play session will represent at minimum 1 week of game time, and will be extended by one or more weeks due to either the passage of more time during play, or at the request of the players (eg. the players wish to wait extra time in town for one or more of their members to recover from past wounds.) Players who were not present at the previous session can therefore be assumed to have journeyed down the road on their own to meet up with their comrades at the beginning of the session. Players who will not be present at the following session can declare that they are returning to the nearest civilization along the roads, with the expectation of being at the appropriate location at the start of the next session they can attend.

  3. Upkeep of 1 ration/day will be charged of all players at the beginning of each session for the amount of time that has passed since the beginning of the last session their character was present at, instead of expending rations during the course of play. The DM may at his option move the calendar back some weeks if none of the current players were present at previous sessions. Players who have returned to town during that interval may buy rations as needed at this time, but those who have remained on the roads must pay in carried rations (those recorded on their character sheet). If unable to pay, the character must roll on the dreaded Table of Want and Neglect. All of this may be organized over email correspondence prior to the actual play session.

One of the artists complained that email was way too verbose. So I sent him the following:
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