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Thursday, August 12th  
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LL vs BX Update
I have updated my post on the differences between Labyrinth Lord and D&D BX to include the attack charts and saving throw charts. I realized I forgot to check those and it seemed better to keep the differences in one place rather than spreading updates out around several posts.

I continue to waffle about LL. At Friday's game we had both BX books and LL books at the table, which is how I realized I forgot to compare those tables. It strikes me that it would be preferrable to pick one book, and then house rule in the changes from the other books that you like. I'm not sure which would be easier to do, though I'm tempted to side with LL here simply because the book is easier to get a copy of and better laid out. On the other hand, the nostalgic feel of the old books really is something special.

Bah, clearly I still can't make up my mind on this.
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