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Thursday, August 12th  
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Here's my idea for roleplay XP. This isn't anything new, I'm sure I'm ripping this off of some indy rpg or another. Probably comes from spending all last summer listening to the Sons of Kryos. (Man, I wish they hadn't gone to video -- I loved listening to them on my mp3 player while walking to work.)

Anyway, the idea. The party will be responsible for maintaining a list of no more than 5 party goals. They can modify this list at any time, so long as its presented to the DM at the start of the session. The party will then earn XP each time they collectively do something that furthers that goal. The amount of XP awarded will be the same as if the party had killed a monster of HD equal to the total HD of the party, counting hirelings at half HD value.

Example: The party has a goal of 'Bring Hank the Highwayman in dead or alive.' For this session, the party consists of four players and two hirelings all at first level. Thus, the total party HD is 5. During the session, they do the following things that DM determines apply to this goal:

  1. Interrogate one Hank's former gang members they had previously caputred.

  2. Journey to the distant city Hank reportedly used as a base of operations.

  3. Arrange via a third party at said city to meet with one of Hank's known underlings.

Each of these items is worth 175 XP, the same as defeating a 5 HD monster. Thus, they win a total of 525 XP, or 105 XP per player and 53 XP per hireling. This example is more or less what actually happened at our last session, and I think is in line with the amount of XP I'd expect the players to get out of an hour of dungeon delving.

My reason for tying it to HD of the party was two-fold. First, that it roughly reflects the amount of effort required to come to an agreement at the table amongst players (and thus why hirelings only count for half). The more players present, the more HD and thus more XP they earn, and the longer it takes for them to argue over what to do. Second, that as the party gains levels, the amount of XP for completing goals should roughly follow the same amount they're getting for killing monsters and taking their stuff.

Will it work? Obviously it worked in this one example, but really I worked the system from this example so of course it worked. I'll revisit this after we've had a couple more sessions of using this system.
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