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Thursday, August 12th  
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I love using hirelings in my games these days. I started writing some down on index cards, so during play I could grab one at random from the pile. In trying to quickly whip up some more, I started making charts to randomly generate equipment for them as this was the slowest part of making them.

This weekend, I went the next step and built my tables into an Inspiration Pad Pro file. If you don't know what that is, I highly recommend you follow the link. It's a great program for building random tables and generating quick random entries from said tables. It's free, and there's even quick executable versions for use as cgi programs on websites. I tend to us a wiki for storing my game notes, and this blends in beautifully with that.

In fact, I spent some time really learning the Inspiration Pad Pro format this weekend. It's very easy to just give it a list of items and make it randomly select something from said list, but it can do so much more. You can store variables, do some simple logic, etc. I ended up generating the entire hireling, including stats, class, hp, etc. It even correctly ensures demi-humans have the required minimum stats (if it rolls too low, those classes are not an option for the current NPC), calculates AC from equipment, and modifies HP and AC based on Con and Dex respectively.

Here is some sample output:
Yuri of the Watch
Level 1 Neutral Fighter
HP: 7, AC: 2 (3)
Str: 3; Dex: 10; Int: 7; Wis: 13; Con: 7; Cha: 11;
Plate Mail Armor, Battle Axe, Shield, Blanket, Iron Spikes (12), Hammer, Grappling Hook, 50' Hemp Rope, Bedroll

Ormod Moonwater
Level 1 Neutral Elf
HP: 6, AC: 5
Str: 6; Dex: 10; Int: 11; Wis: 9; Con: 12; Cha: 12;
Chain Mail Armor, Pole Arm, Short Bow, Quiver of Arrows (20), Iron Spikes (12), Hammer, 2 Large Sacks

Dmitri the Fat
Level 1 Neutral Halfling
HP: 6, AC: 7
Str: 7; Dex: 12; Int: 6; Wis: 10; Con: 9; Cha: 12;
Leather Armor, Mace, Sling and Stones (10), Holy Water (1 flask)

OK, so if you want them, here are the files: hirelings-ipad.zip

Name generation is in a separate easily replacable table. Or. you can open up the main table in your text editor of choice, and customize some of the tables more to your liking. I tried to comment it up as much as possible to make it easy to customize. Enjoy!
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