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Thursday, August 12th  
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Badge registration opens up tomorrow for GenCon. As I was kicking myself last year for not going, you can be sure I won't make the same mistake this year. It looks to be a small group of us, just four in total, but I'm sure it will still be a total blast. Assuming I survive registration.

Strangely enough, GenCon isn't the only gaming convention on my mind right now. It's not even really in the fore-front of my thoughts, though badge registration is tomorrow, and hotel registration is Tuesday. OK, maybe now it is. But I'm also juggling planning time now for two other conventions.

I decided a while back that I'd like to check out a local convention, and recently pre-reged for Total Con. Actually, I only registered for Saturday, as I'm not sure what to expect from this convention and it's so close, it'll be easy to just swing by for the day. Nobody has mentioned wanting to go with me either, so I suppose just going for a day is probably enough. I'm really hoping to get into one of the AD&D games being run by Frank Mentzer. That would be awesome.

And of course, there's HelgaCon. I actually just sent off the check for the rental -- I'm using the same place we used last year. Still a bit concerned that I haven't seen as many positive responses as I did last year, but hopefully as the event gets closer more folks will come out of the woodwork.

What I really need to do is get some games prepped to run at these things. I promised Dan Proctor I'd run a Labyrinth Lord game at GenCon (I was planning on doing so anyway), and Jenn will be incredibly sad if I don't run a Warhammer game at HelgaCon. I'm thinking of running a game featuring an all skaven party for that. I have to run at least two games at HelgaCon, so I'll probably want to run another D&D game for the second. If I was clever, I'd try and run the same game for both that and for GenCon.

Man, you would think with all this work still to do for these conventions I wouldn't be sitting here wishing it wasn't all still so far away.
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