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Thursday, August 12th  
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Most everyone I know that blogs uses a service like LiveJournal or BlogSpot. Not me, I downloaded the phpblogger script to my own web server and run it myself. Why? I like my bytes where I can see them (and back them up, and know they won't vanish). Services come and go. Heck, try and click that link in the bottom right of this site to phpblogger.com (where I got the scripts from originally) and see what happens. That's right, the site is gone.

Except that 5 years ago when I set this blog up there wasn't a lot of options out there for a system that had a decent photo gallery plugin (yeah, clearly I use that a lot these days). So I had to make trade-offs. With phpblogger, the problem was the comment system. It came with such a simple system with no real security at all, that my comments were quickly swamped with spam. So I swallowed my pride and switched to using a commenting service: HaloScan.

I just got an email from HaloScan, and they're closing up shop. I was able to back up all my comments to date, but now I have a difficult choice to make. I can find some way to upgrade this site, either using a different service (which I'd likely have to pay for) and trying to bring the old phpblogger code up to snuff, or I can simply retire this blog and switch to a different system.

The latter is more attractive at the moment. WordPress seems to have come a long way since 2005, perhaps I will install and play with that software. Though I think I would at least want to write something to display the old comment data even if new comments were disabled so I can keep the old blog present for posterity.

Hmm, what a pain in the ass. I knew I was asking for trouble when I started using HaloScan.
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