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Thursday, August 12th  
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So, it seems I can achieve flow with sewing as well as coding. 'Flow' is a term I picked up from an NPR report I heard once that helped me explain my decision to focus on programming rather than writing. Basically, flow is when you become so engaged in an activity you completely lose all sense of time and find hours slip by like minutes. I've heard writers describe experiencing flow while writing before, but it's never happened to me, though I do experience flow while coding all the time.

Anyway, last night after dinner I started working on Roly's newest 18th century shirt and the next thing I know it's super late. I feel really bad, as it left Roly with nothing to do all night on a Friday night no less. Sorry Roly!

I got my comeuppance though. I made possibly the largest mistake I've ever made on a sewing project. I usually make some kind of mistake on each project, and as such have become quite handy with the old seam ripper, but this one was a doozy. I sewed one of the sleaves on inside out -- the shoulder seam looked great until I noticed the sleave seam was on the outside instead of the inside! Doesn't sound so terrible, but not only was the seam a gathered seam (needing some extra care to set-up and pin), but I didn't notice the error until after going back and zig-zagging the edge of the seam to really seal it closed.

Oi vay! Not an irrevocable error, but it pains me to sit there and spend all that time undoing so much work. What a waste!
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San Francisco
Since I'll be gone all weekend and unable to post any more random photos, I figured I'd better put up a set now. These are some shots from our trip to San Francisco last summer for my brother's wedding. We spent a day just roaming the town to see what we could find. Here's what we found.
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