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Thursday, August 12th  
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Life Insurance
After leaving my last a job a few months ago, I had to pay for my own insurance for a couple of months. COBRA is pretty easy to deal with, but for my life insurance I let our insurance agent talk me into automatic withdrawals from my checking account. I looked at old paystubs and I had about $15/month withheld for life insurance, so I figured it wouldn't be too bad.

Well, the next thing I know there's a withdrawal of $140.97 showing up on my bank statement. I thought the price might go up a bit since it wasn't going through the company any more, but this was rediculous. Also, my new employer was in the process of setting up benefits which would include life insurance. It was clear this had to stop.

I tried contacting the insurance agent by phone -- but all I got was voice mail. I tried email. Three weeks went by, and not a word from the guy. Next thing I know, there's another charge of $140.97. I was starting to worry. I left the agent one last angry message, and then called my bank to put a stop payment on the transfers.

While doing this, the bank asked if I wanted the contact info they had on file for the transfer. Sure, why not? It was an 800 number, and I assumed it went directly to the insurance company. So, I gave them a call.

After a lot of holding, transfering, and dealing with stupid automated systems (I hate the new voice controlled ones!) I finally got to talk to a real person. She tells me she'll send me the paperwork to close the account. A few minutes later, she calls me back asking what amount have I been charged for my insurance. When I tell her she says 'Oh, I think we have a problem.' No doubt.

It turns out I've been paying for the entire company's life insurance for the past two months. Morons. 'We'll be sending you a refund,' the woman says. Damn straight you will. If nothing else, at least when I got through to the insurance company the woman was very helpful. As for the original insurance agent -- the guy actually wanted me to recommend him to my new company when they were setting up their benefits. I'm so glad I didn't do that.
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Our Trip to New York
Continuing the slow sift through old photos on my hard drive, I give you our New York vacation from 2002:

The summer after we were married funds were a little short, but we still wanted to go on vacation. We decided to spend a week in New York and see the sights. Sure, it's where I grew up, but neither of us had spent much time in the city going to the real tourist spots any time recently, so it seemed like it would be fun. As it turned out, my mom was away so we had free run of her house without having to really 'stay with the folks' during our vacation.

We went to a bunch of the museums, the Bronx Zoo (sorry, no pictures from that one for some reason), and hung out with my dad whenever he was available. We had some nice meals in the city with dad, and hit a couple diners for lunch or late night snacks (it's a Long Island thing -- they're everywhere down there.)

Towards the end of these photos you'll see some shots of a big old mansion on the island (sorry, Long Island) that belonged to Teddy Roosevelt. I don't recall what it's name was. Sadly, they wouldn't let me take any photos of the inside, which was even cooler than the outside.
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