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Thursday, August 12th  
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Gotta Work on My Chops
So, I've been putting off posting anything while I got the blog code up to snuff, so now I have a plethora of things to write about. Get comfortable:

Fife rehearsal last night went much better. I guess I will be forcing myself to not practice on my own on Thursdays to save my embouchure for rehearsal. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't like I was a sudden virtuoso. But for some reason I find it less frustrating to screw up because my fingering is too slow or I'm not remembering the music than because I can't make the right pitch come out of the damn instrument. Anyway, as my old trombone teacher used to say: 'gotta work on those chops.'

On Wednesday I drove out to Watertown to play(test) a Mutants & Masterminds game a friend will be running at GenCon. It's been a long time since I gamed, and I was really glad to have the chance again. I know a lot of people that gave it up after college, and I was always proud of the fact that I managed to continue the hobby so well. I'd almost consider rejoining the old group, but sadly they continue to meet on Thursdays, which is the same day as Fife rehearsal! I must try to find a group to play around here. Or failing that, at least try to run more frequent 'one-shot' games.

Hang on, shifting gears again: we've been getting strange mail recently. Someone we knew in college recently sent me and Roly a postcard. It's really rather odd. First of all, we weren't all that close with him. I think I played in a D&D game with him during my freshman year. Secondly, I don't think we've heard from him since my freshman year. Thirdly, how the heck did he get our address? We've moved like 8 times since then!

To make it even weirder, the very next day I got a postcard addressed to just me from yet another equally unconnected college acquaintance. (A guy I worked with in the computer lab, but had no social contact with outside of that.) It also seemed a bit suspiciuos as the text of the postcard is in ink, but the opening 'Hey there' and the the closing and signature are in pencil. Could this be some kind of form postcard? Oh, and the postcard itself shows a picture of 'Hebron, the tombs of the patriarchs' though it was sent to me from the midwest.

Here's my theory: someone has started a service for the socially deficient. They start by compiling a list of people the client has met in any way in the past and do mass mailings designed to look like personal mailings. Maybe I can directly contact this service and ask them to remove my address from their databases?

OK, I've blathered on long enough. Time to get to work.
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Gaming on the Brain
Thanks a lot Brench, now I've totally got gaming on the brain. Sheesh. Well, I'm starting to run out of pictures of our past vacations, so now you get the really boring ones!

Dr. S, an old college friend and gaming buddy, came up from PA to visit a while back and we got up to our old tricks. Attendees included Skarps, Fair Oriana, Anacrucis, Dr. S, and me. We played all sorts of stuff, including some HeroScape and a really fun one-shot brewed up by Skarps in the fantasy b-movie style. (Even Roly enjoyed that one!)

Sadly, the best photo in this group came out really dark. I don't know which is better - Anacrucis wearing a viking helmet (sideways) and holding a giant dog in his lap, or the crazy look Dr. S is giving him. Well, I'm posting it anyway, as how many opportunities does one get to see Anacrucis in a viking helmet?
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