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Thursday, August 12th  
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Feeling Human Again
After a weekend of lying on the couch and playing XBox, I'm finally starting to feel human again. I feel kind of guilty for making us miss Roly's family reunion, but even more so for possibly passing this dreadful cold on to her as well. I'm really hoping she gets better quickly -- I'd hate to miss our encampment this weekend.

I was pretty lucky to have picked up Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams Friday night, just before the cold really set in. Roly was roaming through B&N, which can take quite some time, so I decided to pass my time by exploring the Best Buy next door. I had some birthday money in my pocket still unspent, and decided it would be OK to buy myself a new game or two.

Having recently played God of War at a friend's house, I thought I could really go for a good Adventure/Puzzle style game. To date, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy has been the only XBox game I've actually finished. I don't know, that style of game can really drive me nuts, and yet I find myself completely addicted to them. I think its the level of lateral thinking required.

Anyway, I thought since Roly isn't feeling so great, I'd attach some pictures to this post of her pony and goat to chear her up. Sorry the pictures have nothing to do with the post. Feel better, Roly!
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