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Thursday, August 12th  
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Continuing with old photos... here's a collection of pictures taken at various times we visited Old Sturbridge Village. For those that don't know, Roly and I were married there in June of 2002. As part of that we were given a free year membership, which we have kept up ever since. It's actually really nice being able to just pop over there any time we have a free Saturday.

The first group of photos are from spring of '04 when there was an influx of baby animals. The next group is from last summer's The Readcoats Are Coming! event, where they invite a load of reenactment groups down for the weekend. This year's is coming up soon - August 6-7. I'm hoping next year we can convince the Stow Minutemen (or at least a portion there-of) to go. I think it would be pretty sweet to do an encampment right in the middle of a historic village.

The last couple of pictures are from last winter's Christmas Traditions by Candlelight event. We invited a couple friends to join us, and it turned out really fun. And man, that gingerbread was so good. We'll definitely be doing that again next year.

Enjoy the photos. And if you get the chance, go visit the village in person. It's definitely worth it.
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