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Thursday, August 12th  
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Had an awesome time at HelgaCon. Though I had to GM for most of it, I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of of Dan's 1st Edition AD&D Tomb of Horrors game. I was running another game during the beginning of it, but it was still going strong when I wrapped up at midnight and so I jumped in until 2:00 am when I was too exhausted to continue.

I have to admit, seeing some of that art hit me with a huge wave of nostalgia. I couldn't help myself -- I went on to eBay and ordered myself copies of the 1st ed. PHB, DMG, and Monster Manual. I have no idea what became of my original copies, but I guess they aren't too hard to come by as they cost me just $7 a pop on eBay.

That's actually $1 less than I paid for the originals back in the mid 80's. Man, I remember saving up my $8 to go down to Play World and pick up the book. I didn't know anything about AD&D, except that it looked even cooler than the redbox D&D I had been playing. I bought the Monster Manual first because I really liked the art on front. Then I had to save up another $8 so I could buy the PHB and figure out what all the stats meant.

Man, I can't wait until those books get here.
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