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Thursday, August 12th  
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Inverting Attack Math in D&D B/X
Having read through my Moldvay/Cook B/X D&D books, and having read a few modules under the context of these rules, I couldn't help but contemplate how I might run one of these games. And more to the point, are there any rules that I'd want to modify?

The one obvious thing is to invert the attack math. There no THAC0 in B/X, but you can tell the rules are headed in that direction. Why not head that off immediately and convert to a 3.0 style of using the actual AC value as the target number on a d20, and add bonuses to the roll as the character levels? In fact, I'm sure Delta has already done this for AD&D somewhere, but I'm too lazy to try and look it up and besides I'd rather just write the system to B/X and not add another system (AD&D) to the mix.

The idea is simple: make AC go up as you add armor instead of down. The AC then becomes the desired value on a d20 roll to hit the target. Characters gain bonuses to the roll as they level, which is easy to deal with when you need to calculate other bonuses (spells, magic items, etc.) into the mix. I've written it out in a one-page PDF, which you can check out if you like here:

Basic D&D Inverted Attacks
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