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Thursday, August 12th  
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Catching up on the Web Comics
I don't read them as habitually as I used to, but today I caught up on them and I have some thoughts. Especially as two of them specifically reference my brain's current obsession: gaming.

Today's PvP is fantastic. I've never named my NPCs after characters from Friends, but there always is a fine line between a cool fantasy name and a completely ridiculous one. The players latch on to what they can remember, so Lord Bobragnazod, High Overlord of the Undying Legion, quickly becomes Lord Bob. If they can't come up with something humorous, they instead trivialize the character: Aleryean Quintalasia of the Oaken Glade becomes elf-boy. Anyway, these days I make sure to have a big list of names on me for on-the-fly naming of NPCs, and in general I try to pick the simplest, most pronounceable names I can.

Meanwhile, today's Order of the Stick is everything I hate about this comic now. It is so far from having anything to do with D&D that I'm not sure why I read it anymore. There could have at least been some joke about the DM breaking every rule in the book just to push a more dramatic plot line. I know I've done that in the past, and I always worry if they players don't buy into it, they'll rebel against the rules breaking. No, instead, the funny gaming jokes are long gone and the plot continues to run into bizarre tangents that leave me wondering what ever happened to a bunch of adventurers wandering a dungeon looking for Zykon? In fact, what happened to Zykon all together? Is he even still in the comic?
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