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Thursday, August 12th  
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Microsoft Products Working Together
I hate Outlook. I used to hate it for all the usual reasons (slow and buggy), and then I had to write some Outlook plugins for work and then really hated it (poorly architected, uses just about every obsolete and redundant API). Today though, I realized that it has another lovely fault -- it really doesn't play nice with the OS. Which is odd, given that they're both made by Microsoft, you'd think they'd work well together.

There's a setting in Outlook that says 'when I close Outlook, empty my trash'. I like it, I often forget to empty the trash, and I only put things in there I really mean to delete. So I keep it enabled. Thing is, the authors of Outlook decided this feature may be a bit heavy handed, so they added an 'are you sure?' dialog. Every time I close Outlook and it wants to empty the trash, it asks me if I'm sure. Geez, if I wasn't sure, I wouldn't have enabled the stupid feature!

But it gets worse. Let's say my machine needs to be rebooted, say, like this morning when I had to install some updates. The updates install, windows requests that it be shutdown, and I tell it OK. Only I left Outlook running, along with a few other programs. It's OK, the OS tells those programs to shut down before it itself shuts down, and for the most part they do.

Except awesome Outlook. Outlook is asking if I'm sure I want to empty my trash. The OS then decides the program is hung, greys out the screen, and asks me if I want to either cancel the shutdown or forcably quite the 'hung' application. I can see the 'Are you sure you want to empty the trash?' dialog under the greyed out screen, but I can't click OK on it. No, the much more important question of whether to force quit Outlook or cancel shutdown is being asked.

Well done MS. Your crappy app has dead-locked your crappy OS. Think I'll work on my Linux desktop for a little while.
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