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Thursday, August 12th  
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Man Without Hat
I admit it, I'm one of those dorks that wears a fedora from time to time. I know it probably evokes more D&D dork than old school sophistication these days, but it keeps the sun out of my eyes which helps me notice the floaters less, and it's awesome in the rain. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a tendency to lose these hats, and this morning I noticed my latest one is missing.

I'm pretty sure I left it at the restaurant last night. I remember putting it under my chair at dinner, and that's the last I remember seeing it. As they're in town, I'll try swinging by in the afternoon to see if they have it.

I used to assume I was just absent-minded, but I don't tend to lose other things with the regularity I lose these hats. I think the problem is that modern society is pretty un-hat-accessible. The only hats people really wear regularly these days are baseball hats, and the people who wear them are usually uncouth enough to just leave them on all the time.

When was the last time you went into a restaurant or other public place and saw a hat stand or hat rack? Ever go into an old church and see those funny metal clips mounted at regular intervals on the back of the pews? Those are there to clip your hat brim to so you don't have to hold it in your lap. A beacon of a past time when hat wearing was the norm.

Why the heck did this kind of stuff fall out of favor? If I hadn't had to put my hat under my chair, I probably wouldn't have left it behind. Bah, I hope it's still there this afternoon.

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RIP Dave Arneson
Man, last year we lost Gary Gygax, which thrust me into the old school D&D revival scene. At first it seemed a phase, but now just a few weeks after my interest resurfaces, Dave Arneson passes away.

For those who don't know, Dave Arneson was the co-creator of D&D along with Gygax, and creator of the second ever supplement to the game, Blackmoor. I've never read any of his direct writings, though I feel I should. Maybe now is the time.

So long Mr. Arneson. Tell Gary I said hi.
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