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Thursday, August 12th  
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Writing an Adventure
So I started writing my own Basic D&D adventure using the system described in the back of the basic book. I rolled randomly on the list of scenarios and got a rescue scenario, and I'm hoping it's not too close to the OD&D game Dan ran at Helga Con.

I found this random dungeon generator which was very nice for creating a map to start with. I was also really excited to discover the 'classic' style that can be applied to the final image. The resulting blue graph-paper like image looks straight out of the old modules. That along side this site of D&D fonts means my final product should look like a real old school module.

I'm thinking I may print it out booklet style, and print the cover with map on the inside on a separate piece of card stock. Should make the thing look like an honest to God module from back in the day. Awesome.
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Find and Remove Traps
In Dan's OD&D game, he made sure to point out to us that thieves only had a special ability to remove traps, not find them. Finding traps used a standard mechanic for all character types. I'm not sure if this was Dan's house rule, or is as written in the Greyhawk supplement, I still haven't read the latter. I liked it though, perhaps enough to float it into basic if/when I get to run a game.

In fact, I suspect it's as written in Greyhawk, because I see some odd discrepancies concerning the issue my Moldvay/Cook B/X books. In the basic book, under thief skills, it clearly states:

Find or Remove Traps is a double ability. The thief has the listed chance of finding a trap (if there is one) and the same chance (if the trap is found) of removing it. Either attempt may only be tried once per trap.

OK, that's pretty clear. However, later in the general description of thieves it says:

A thief's training includes learning how to pick pockets, climb steep surfaces, move silently, hide in shadows, open locks (with a set of lockpicks or burglar's tools), remove small traps (such as poisoned needles), and how to hear noises better than other humans.

Huh, it only mentions removing traps, not finding them. Furthermore, the chart listing percentage by level in the Basic book says 'Find or Remove Traps', while the same chart in the Expert book only says 'Remove Traps'.

I wonder if the find portion of the rule was a new concept here, or perhaps a contentious one? Personally, I don't much like that there are two totally different mechanics for finding traps depending on whether you're a thief or not, and I really don't like that 1st level thieves are actually worse at finding traps than other 1st level characters (10% vs. 1 in 6 or 16.667%). So, I think I'll decide that the part in the Basic book about finding traps is an error.
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