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Thursday, August 12th  
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Elves in Armor
For some reason, the idea of Basic D&D Elves running around in plate mail bothers me. There's nothing in the rules that precludes it, but for some reason it rubs me the wrong way. I am tempted to add to my house rules that Elves cannot wear plate, only leather or chain. I'm hesitant though to make a house rule based solely on gut feeling without considering the mechanical impact.

Elves are powerful -- they can both wear armor and cast spells, combining the abilities of both fighters and magic-users. This needs some kind of counter balance, and one does exist in the form of slowing and capping leveling. If you look at the XP charts, it takes significantly more XP for an elf to reach higher levels than a fighter or magic-user. Furthermore, elves are limited to 10th level, and will thus never gain the highest level of skill in magic or fighting. Thus elves are the ultimate dilettante class -- dabblers in all abilities, masters of none.

I suppose I could argue that in magic elves never attain the most powerful spells, thus they should also be limited to never attaining the most powerful armors. Then again, the level cap already limits them from reaching the highest attack chart row for fighters, so they are already sort of limited from being the best fighters that way.

Hmm, anyone out there got a reason for or against restricting elves from using plate?
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