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Thursday, August 12th  
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I haven't gone to the gym now for three days straight. I started going in the morning before work back at the end of December, and I've managed to keep to that habit pretty well. I miss the odd day now and again, but for the most part I've been going every day, and I definitely think it's helping. I'm starting to feel guilty about not going, but it is a conscious decision. I just hope I don't completely fall out of the habit.

I have collected some mysterious injuries recently, hence the break from the gym. I figure I should give myself some time to heal. The more recent injury is I think a pulled muscle on my back. A couple days ago I discovered a sharp pain whenever I tilted my head forward or to the left. I've done this to myself before, so I was fairly certain it wasn't my neck that was really the problem, but the back muscle just below my left shoulder blade. I don't recall doing anything specific to pull that muscle, but it could be just from my regular work out. Or perhaps it was lugging around the enormous battery for our new battery powered lawn mower. Anyway, it's mostly gone now, but I still feel a little sore on that part of my back. It wouldn't hurt to give it a few more days rest.

The other injury came on slowly and is far more concerning. It started as a soreness on the pinky side of my right hand. I assumed it was just from too much typing, usually when I have to hold the right shift key a lot or hit enter a lot I notice a little soreness around there. That seems to have settled now into a general ache in my right wrist, and occasional tingling sensation across the back of my hand. Given that I'm at a keyboard all day for work, I'm always nervous about the possibility of carpel tunnel syndrom, but everything I've read online says that usually manifests as pain/tingling in the palm, thumb, and first two fingers. This is in the exact opposite location -- the pinky side and back of the hand.

Perhaps I've pulled a hand or wrist muscle, or pinched a nerve in that area. For now, I've bought myself one of those plastic wrist braces from the drug store and am wearing it fairly regularly. If it isn't gone by the end of the week, I guess I'll go see the doctor.

Man, who knew going to the gym regularly could be so bad for your health?
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