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Thursday, August 12th  
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Gaming Paraphenalia
So, here's a collection of photos of gaming related things I've been meaning to post but never got around to. They were piling up, so I figured I'd post them in a batch like this.

First up is my copy of the Holmes edition boxed set. This came in the mail quite a while ago, but there was a little hitch that had to be worked out. The box was shrink-wrapped and in amazing condition. It was even better than my Moldvay expert set, not a single break or tear anywhere, only slight wear on the corners and some old tape marks on the back.

However, when I tore off the shrink wrap and opened it up, I was a bit surprised by the contents. It included one old version of the AD&D DM's screen, one copy of the D&D Monster & Treasure Assortment (Set 1, Levels 1-3), and half of a set of Dungeon Geomorphs. While kind of cool in how old these items are, they were clearly not what I was expecting. I contacted Troll and Toad about it, and they told me they unfortunately did not have a replacement. I wasn't surprised, when I looked on their website this was the only Holmes set they had up there. They said I could return it for a full refund, or keep it and they'd refund half the money I paid. A quick spin on Ebay showed that there were no sets available, but a few places that would sell me the book for about the same price as the half refund, so I went with that to try and re-assemble the set from pieces. I even bought an old printing of B1 to finish it out. Those eBay purchases have not yet arrived.

In the meantime, I'm most impressed with this old AD&D screen. It comes in two parts, the first is two panels and the second is four. It's nicely laminated and in amazingly good condition. I can't imagine playing with a full six panels of portrait screen, though the interior of the two panel contains the psionics charts so I imagine many people didn't use it. On the other hand, the exterior of one of those panels is the same Trampier art included on the front of the original PHB without the overlaying text, which I happen to agree with the Grognard is a pretty sweet piece of art. I took a full sized scan of the thing if anyone wants it (warning, about 50 MB).

OK, next is my hard-cover copy of Labyrinth Lord. At first blush I wasn't horribly impressed with this retroclone of Moldvay B/X, but I'm coming around. I think if any of my lunchtime players ever decide they need to have a book, I might recommend using this. It would only take a few minor tweaks to bring it fully in line with the original books. I've had the PDF for a while, but I hate reading lots of text on the computer screen (but clearly I don't mind writing it.) When I saw Lulu would do a hard cover print, I couldn't resist. It's actually pretty good quality, and I love that the size and feel of it is pretty similar to my old 1e books.

Finally, you can see my home-made turn counter. This is the outcome of Crazy Idea #2. I printed 35 cards, counting turns 1-35 with times printed on the bottom starting at 6:00/12:00 and running up to 11:50/5:50 in 10 minute intervals. The idea being that you flip it back to 1 at the end, and four full iterations can represent a full 24 hours. It follows the original rules a bit closer than I was originally thinking, and while it's missing that certain je ne sais quoi that using dice has, I think it's eminantly usable. We'll see how it turns out when I try using it in a real game.

OK, clearly the problem with saving all this crap up is that it leads to a super long post. But I'm sure you guys are all pretty used to my verbosity by now.
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