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Thursday, August 12th  
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How Long Should A Session Be?
My first real regular gaming sessions probably started in high school. We'd gather once a week after school and play until we had to go home. We were probably playing from around 3:00 or so until almost 10. With time for eating pizza and goofing around, I'd still think we had 5-6 hour sessions going.

At college, gaming was usually on the weekend. Maybe a Sunday afternoon from 12-5 or so? A little shorter, but not much. We were probably more focused on getting things rolling, plus there usually wasn't pizza involved since we all ate at the dining hall.

Now in the real world, gaming happens on the weeknight after work. We get together around 7:00 and play until 10. Food, if it's going to happen, usually occurs prior to the game, though sometimes we haven't really gotten going until 7:30. That's 2.5-3 hour sessions once a week.

And now I'm trying to play a lunch-time game. 1 hour per session, no more, no less.

Each time I started playing a shorter session I was skeptical how well it would work. We've made it work, I suppose, and perhaps the total lack of an end point and the assumption that there's always next week helps. Still, I wonder how long is really the ideal amount of time.

Man, I wonder what weekly sessions of 5+ hours would be like. Was it only fun because I was so young and had nothing better to do? I don't know, it still sounds pretty fun.
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