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Thursday, August 12th  
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Overheard at the Office
Coworker #1: 'I won't be in next Friday, I have to go to a wake.'
Coworker #2: 'Oh my god, what happened?'
Coworker #1: 'Someone died!'
Coworker #2: 'Yeah, but I mean, is it serious?'
Coworker #1: 'He's dead!'
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Save vs. Spells?
Perhaps this is obvious, perhaps this is an old question that's been argued over and over again already. But it's come up at my lunchtime game: do spells like Sleep and Magic Missile allow saves?

I was quite surprised to see that neither BX nor LL specify an answer. They both state that saves are allowed against 'special attacks', and the ramifications of successful save against any kind of special attack. I certainly know how to adjudicate a successful save against these spells (Magic Missile would clearly be save for 1/2 damage, while Sleep would be save for no effect). But do they even allow a save?

Many spells specify that a save is allowed, including Charm Person, Fireball, heck even Light when used to blind your opponent. Sleep and Magic Missile are mum. No comment on saves at all.

I know Delta allows saves against all spells. I figured it was a house rule. Now I'm thinking it's a ruling he had to make because there was no rule one way or the other. I wish I had realized, I would have thought it through and made a decision ahead of time. Now I've got to sit through debates with my players, and I'm sure at least someone will be unhappy with the outcome.

I'm starting to think that while it's not very important for a DM to know all the rules, it is important for him to appear to know them all. Even when the rule in question doesn't exist.
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