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Thursday, August 12th  
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The Beginning


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Last night I GMed my first ever complete TPK. It's kind of a long time coming, and I'm glad to have finally done it. Not that I was looking forward to it, just that it felt odd to have played this long and never had one.

I guess I have had a couple near-TPKs -- game ending experiences where only one or two characters made it out alive. There was always at least one guy that made it out though.

Anyway, I don't feel guilty about it, nor any need to dissect what went down. The players got themselves into a situation they couldn't run from, and then had some poor luck and a few bad choices. It happens. I think it was avoidable on their end, and I don't think anything I did was incorrect.

Anyway, even though all the players still had fate points and could by rights continue the game, it's given us pause enough to discuss what we want to do (continue playing, play something else, etc.) It's unfortunate that we didn't quite hit the year mark on this campaign -- only three weeks away! Still, I think it was growing somewhat stale, and that whatever we come up with next will be fun and invigorating.

Until I kill them all. :)
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Oh Yeah, No More Lunchtime D&D
I don't know how I never posted about this, but our lunchtime D&D game fizzled out several weeks ago. Perhaps I failed to note its passing simply because it was such a gradual decline rather than a sudden change like my recent TPK experience.

I just had fewer and fewer folks showing up to play. After a fairly long lull (a week or two?) a couple players independently asked if we were going to play again soon. I gave each of them the same answer: 'I'd love to play, gather your forces and name the time!' Unfortunately, gathering the forces (that is, sending emails to try and get other itinerant players back to the table), was simply too much work for any of my players to commit to. I wasn't willing to do it myself, I wanted at least that one tiny symbolic gesture that the players were excited to play rather than have the whole thing kept afloat only by my own enthusiasm. It never happened.

I sort of think a good part of this was the shortened time frame. Not to say playing for just an hour at a time is mechanically impossible, just that it's not nearly as fun as playing for longer (3+ hour) sessions. And I think it was not fun enough for players to easily find other things that were more fun to do with their lunch hours.

So, that's the state of things. The lunchtime game has come to a halt, and the Warhammer game is in a state of flux. Though oddly, I'm not down about any of this. If anything, all I see is the potential for new games. I'm actually really excited to see what the Warhammer group wants to do. I'm quite sure 'stop playing' isn't even remotely on the table. Really it's just a question of what do we want to play next.
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