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Thursday, August 12th  
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So our group has decided to take a little break from the Warhammer game after our TPK. We're going to try playing All Flesh Must Be Eaten for a little while to cleanse our gaming palate before seriously contemplating what to do next. I think it will definitely help to get away from fantasy for a little while to recharge the batteries.

Whether we'll actually return to Warhammer after that is debatable, and though a minority of players have expressed interest in doing just that, I doubt it will happen. I've never seen a campaign successfully returned to after a hiatus. I think once you start to distance yourself from a given campaign, it just gets harder and harder to go back, and more and more tempting to start something completely new.

Personally, I'm kind of hoping I can talk them all into an old school game next. I'd really love to run a longer term B/X or Labyrinth Lord game. Maybe even give the LL Advanced Edition characters supplement a spin, which I believe is supposed to come out pretty soon. I don't know if they'll all go for it though.

In fact, we don't even have a solid idea on how long we'll be playing the zombie game. Everyone agrees it should last at least a month, but I think we're also curious to see how fun it is before deciding how long to play it. I think that's actually just fine. I should stop thinking so far into the future and just enjoy the game we're going to play next session.

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